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One Day, One Community: The Northland Community

By October 1, 2018Blog

The Northland neighborhood is a 9-square-mile section of Ohio’s capital city, Columbus, located just a few miles north of Columbus’ central business district. Once a mostly black and white working-class neighborhood, Northland is now multiethnic and home to thousands of immigrants and refugees. Northland would be Ohio’s eighth largest city if it were incorporated, with its nearly 50,000 residents.

When the Northland Mall, which opened in 1964, permanently shut its doors in 2003, the immigrant community began helping to revive the business-scape. The area of the mall has been purchased and is currently being redeveloped into a retail, residential, office, and recreational complex. Immigrants and refugees have launched successful businesses across the city but are concentrated in the Northland area.

In early 2018, Harmony Project began to call the Northland area its second home. As the Spirit of Columbus choir grew, the need for a larger rehearsal space did, too, which led Harmony Project to relocate its Monday night rehearsals to the Northland Performing Arts Center (NPAC). With a much larger space, choir members are able to cultivate the unique relationships Harmony Project fosters by uniting people across social, cultural, and geographic divides.

NPAC is a 501(c)(3) Ohio nonprofit with a mission to serve the central Ohio arts community. It produces and hosts presentations in music, dramatics, and the arts to foster public interest and education. NPAC seeks to achieve sustainability without a view to profit while not discriminating on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, orientation, or ability to pay. It opened in 2011 on the old Northland Mall grounds and occupies over 30,000 square feet.

Harmony Project, in partnership with Kind Columbus, will host a day of kindness in action in Northland on Saturday, October 6. Giving, sharing, and building community, the Harmony way. Projects will include neighborhood beautification, donation drives, games and activities for children, landscaping and more. For more information, view our event page.