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#StillHaveJoy Stories: Tiffany

By November 22, 2016September 1st, 2017Blog

“I sang until the music abruptly came to a stop. March 30, 2008. MS stopped my music, and my voice. It didn’t ask if it could interupt. It just did. It did because I allowed it to. Until one day I looked up and decided to press play on my life again.

I haven’t looked back since. I became a MS Ambassador and traveled around to share my story. I married the man of my dreaMS, and together we have traveled the world. Is it easy? No. But I have a daily reminder on my right wrist. A tattoo that says “faith>fear”. It’s because of my faith. It’s because of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Youngstown OH, where my grandmother handed me my first microphone, that I am able to stand on the stage called life, and sing “I still have Joy” and mean it.” – Tiffany, Harmony Project Choir