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#StillHaveJoy Stories: Michelle

By October 18, 2016 September 1st, 2017 Blog

“My life crumbled when my husband left in 2012. I was completely blindsided. I was an unemployed stay-at-home mom, with two kids, and two dogs.

During my 3 year whirling dervish break down, my one focus was the kids. I worked to fill the visual holes as he packed boxes. When the kids and I went to Cincinnati to avoid the truck loading, my daughter thought he was taking the entire household of goods and her room would be empty. She melted down and misunderstood the entire situation from kindergarten until this year. The regression and anger was horrible for both kids.

Yet here we are. ALL three of us have come out of the fog. We have blossomed. We have found who we are. We all participate in Harmony Project, willingly, happily, gratefully. My kids are my joy, my love, my everything. My kids have big emotions and hearts. It takes time to grow into those. But each day, my family of three remembers that we still have joy.” -Michelle, The Harmony Project