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#StillHaveJoy Stories: Kiley

By October 25, 2016September 1st, 2017Blog

“I live in the world of coulds and shoulds more than I’d like. I recently came up with this quote to encourage me when I feel like I’m not doing enough or when I start to feel responsible for too much– “Even if I am just softening the soil so that someday someone may rest in the shade of a tree.” A friend of mine put it on a canvas for me so I can keep it on my desk.

If I was being hard on myself, I’d say it’s too wordy, and I should tighten it up. But see, that’s what I’m trying to change. It’s okay to be a work in progress. It’s okay to do things imperfectly. That’s how you grow and see change and live and love better. It’s how you walk the long road of life and renewal. I’ve just really been challenged by it lately in ways I never have before. And I’m learning to celebrate the good things that come along the way and use them to remind myself each day why I still have joy. ” – Kiley, The Harmony Project