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#StillHaveJoy Stories: Jerome

By November 15, 2016September 1st, 2017Blog

“I come from a military family – my dad was in the Air Force, my uncles were in the Navy, I’m in the Army, and my son is a Marine. He’s in Iraq right now and we’re not allowed to communicate with him. The only thing I said to him was that he had to come home alive. I miss him every single day and pray that he’ll be home soon.

I’ve had major depression since I was 8 years old. Imagine that in a military family. I have always had walls up, and if it weren’t for my friend Fred introducing me to this group, they’d still be up. This choir helps me not be afraid of talking to people and letting people in.

My favorite song that we sing is ‘Lean on Me’ because it reminds me that I can depend on other people. That I’m not alone. And that gives me joy.” – Jerome, Commons In Harmony