A 500-voice chorus performing for thousands during Spring and Winter concerts and featured at numerous special events and venues throughout the year. All choir members must serve a minimum of 8 hours in the community per season—allowing Harmony Project to leverage no less than 8,000 volunteer hours per year.

The “Spirit of Columbus” Choir is Harmony Project’s flagship chorus. In 2017, Harmony was challenged to include more people in its adult chorus programs. Since 2009, the choir had grown from 89 members to 250, but there were hundreds more on a wait list who wanted to sing, serve, and share. Harmony opened its wait list of hundreds to add an additional 250-voices to what was then known as “Harmony Choir.”  When The Columbus Foundation provided funding through the Columbus Performing Arts Prize, the two adult choruses combined to form one 500-voice choir. The name “Spirit of Columbus” is a tribute to the inclusive, smart and open spirit of our city and its people, and to The Columbus Foundation for providing the necessary support from which artistic passion with social purpose can be realized.

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