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South High Harmony Service Day: Southern Orchards

By October 12, 2018October 24th, 2018Blog

While the rest of their classmates headed home after an early dismissal, the students of South High Harmony set out for a day of kindness in action, with support from Kind Columbus. Students took to the streets of the Southern Orchards community with trash pickers, gloves, and bags, and headed to the All People’s Fresh Market, the Free Store, and the Community Development for All People offices to beautify, support, and serve the community.

UM Church and Community Development for All People is a faith-based nonprofit community development organization dedicated to creating a community and church that welcomes and cares for all people. The organization works to improve the economic, social, and spiritual quality of life for the residents of the South Side.

The South High school students volunteered at the Free Store, which provides clothing and household goods to members of the community. They also worked at the Fresh Market, which provides fresh produce items to members of the Southside community free of charge. The organization also provides many other services that you can learn about here.