Harmony Project was founded on this radical idea we wanted to test, to practice, and to prove:

Could coming together as a group of voices bond us as a group of people?

The answer is yes. 

In 2009, Harmony began as a way to bridge social divides. To shift perceptions and create connections. To move us closer to one another, and forward as a collective. And that’s exactly what we’ve done – in the choir, audience, and community. We’ve opened a space where we look unflinchingly at inequalities – and then look beyond them to our shared humanity.

Over the years, our mission of combining artistic passion and social purpose has remained the same, while our reach has grown. We’ve impacted thousands of people and changed our community for the better.

Through our programs, we live out our ideals. In song and service, we stand shoulder to shoulder – whether on stage, in a classroom, inside prison walls, or at a park – to close the distance that divides us.

Join us at the intersection of passion and purpose. Click below to learn more about each of our programs.

The landscape has changed. Our mission has not.
Harmony Project is embarking on a new journey: Using technology to bring people together. So join Harmony, in its mission to build a stronger community.

Harmony Community Chorus

South High Harmony

Friends in Harmony

Harmony Kids

Prison Arts

One Week,
One Neighborhood