Each Spring, Harmony Project unites neighbors and connects neighborhoods through a week-long collaborative series of service and beautification projects.

Past Projects

2018: Murals at Champion Middle School, Gateway Film Center at Ohio State University, and Ohio Reformatory for Women; Lincoln Theatre beautification; Van Buren Center meditation garden clean up; Northland Performing Arts Center clean up
2017: Murals at South High School, Downtown High School, and Whetstone High School; Lincoln Theatre beautification
2016: King-Lincoln District clean up; Murals; Southside neighborhood clean up
2015: King-Lincoln and Northland murals and community garden installations
2014: Franklinton and Downtown Columbus murals and tree planting; Installation of meditation garden at Van Buren Center
2013: 2-mile stretch of Livingston Ave. clean up; Community Murals; Southside playground build
2012: Franklinton mural painting
2011: Southside Habitat for Humanity build
2010: One Day, 100 Trees at Berliner Park