When a hurricane devastates a community, it can feel overwhelming to those of us in safe zones as we figure out how we can help when the need is so great. Harmony Project knows that our mission, to build a stronger and more inclusive community, is realized one voice at a time.

The stories of Hurricane Harvey are only beginning to reach beyond Texas. And while no one community or group of people can solve the challenges faced by the families of Houston, one community or group of people CAN make a difference, one family at a time.

One community rallying around one family, for one purpose: a more hopeful future.

Meet the Negret Family:

Dad and Mom, Gustavo and DeShanna, and their three daughters, Alejandria, Christiana, and Reyna lost everything to Hurricane Harvey.

Harmony Project is partnering with Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) in Houston and “adopting” one family to make a difference in their lives by rallying the Harmony community to respond.

The Negret family lost all of their possessions when more than four feet of water flooded their home during Hurricane Harvey. Without flood insurance, they are faced with rebuilding and replacing all of the basic necessities of life.

The three daughters, including the youngest daughter Reyna, who has autism, are students at TUTS. They LOVE to sing. Gustavo and DeShanna have been married for 17 years, and purchased their home just two years ago.