Harmony Project is people that power change. 

Born in 2009, our signature chorus unites people of all ages, races, income and education levels, sexual orientations, geographies, and religions, both on stage and in the audience. It’s a living vision of inclusion.

The chorus has expanded exponentially over the years, from 89 members on the stage of the Lincoln Theatre in its founding year of 2009, to 100 members on the stage of the Southern Theatre, to 250 members on the stage of the Ohio Theatre, to 500 voices on the risers at Nationwide Arena and the Columbus Commons.

Members of the chorus come from 40 of Franklin County’s 64 ZIP codes, and include everyone from retirees and recent graduates, carpenters and chiropractors, GED-holders and PhDs.

People of those socially and geographically divided ZIP codes form intersections to create one community, one neighborhood, and one voice out of many.

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