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Grassinine to Perform at The Concert For US

By December 6, 2017Blog

Grassinine calls themselves a band that started by accident and stays together by luck. While sitting in a back yard post-golf outing, Tom Krouse (Guitar and Lead Vocals) and Jamie Davis (Guitar and Lead Vocals) started scheming. Then, on a pontoon boat on the Scioto River, the guys brought their idea to reality, bringing a gut bucket and a banjo on a boat, and trying to scare people while floating up and down the river.

Let’s be honest, this story could actually be a myth. But if you’re a Grassinine fan, you know very well that it isn’t, and that it happened nearly 10 years ago. The seven folks who make up Central Ohio’s Premier Mountain Rock Show come from all walks of life. But they align with a truly unique combination of instruments – like the gut bucket, a washboard, and the spoons – to create a sound and energy all their own.

Each concert they play benefits a local charity, and they’ve been fortunate to share the stage with some of Ohio’s best musicians. But the Concert For US finds a special place with Tom Krouse – the band’s frontman, but also a Harmony Project board member.

“There is nothing like performing with Harmony because of the energy transfer,” Tom said. “From the choir to the band and back again. It runs through us like an alternating current. The choir powers us. You want evidence? Just look at all the face-breaking smiles!”

Tom, Jamie, Ron Ross (5-string banjo and vocals), Lee “Choppin’ Broccoli” Bass (Mandolin), Terry Davis (Gut Bucket), Christina Grote (Backup vocals and percussion), and Matt Opachick (Fiddle) will bring their talents to Peter Townsend hit, “Let My Love Open the Door.”

“Grassinine always like to perform the unlikely. I’m really looking forward to the idea of combining a bluegrass band with a huge choir and a drum circle and mariachi horns to perform a Peter Townsend song,” Tom said. “I guarantee you this has NEVER been done before. It’s gonna be a blast!”

You can catch Grassinine at The Concert For US, or check their show list for their next performance!