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8 Years #InHarmony: by Patsey Ulmer

By October 5, 2017 Blog

“As long as you understood the melody or words you were singing, it always worked.”

When I joined Harmony Project in October 2009, I was immediately captured by Director David Brown. The respect and discipline he had for the music – he demanded the same from us. I respected his “trust me, it will be great” attitude. Because as long as you understood the melody or words you were singing, it always worked.
In 2013, we performed at the Opening Ceremony for The Presidents Cup at The Columbus Commons. Surrounded by some of the worlds’ best professional golfers, we had to quickly march out take our positions, in the dark, before the lights came on. The golfers were on stage behind us and my place was on the first row.  The golfers’ wives and girlfriends, and some of golf’s greats were directly in front of us. We took our place and I backed up too fast against a riser and fell down. I tried to get up, the wives started to get up to help me, and David started over to help me.  Meanwhile other choir members behind and beside got me up and my sister said, “Now, smile!” I did. David saw the smile and retreated.  Whew!! Then the lights came up and we sang…to a standing ovation!
I’ve seen Harmony Project grow from 94 members to what it is now and am proud to be a small part of it. Harmony didn’t change me, it enhanced me musically. Though I don’t read music, I am directed by a knowledgable and gifted director. I have never questioned him – there is no need. I just followed him and believed in the sounds, blends, and harmonies he developed.